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With the release of the 5th D&D edition, we all wanted to give it a try but neither of us wanted to be a full time GM so we decided that most of us would be GMing, one after another.

At the end of each play session, we will decide who will GM next. The only rule is that we do not go against what has been stated during previous plays.

Al Quasim is a city at the crossroad of sea and desert. It shelters many cultures and quite a lot of different peoples.

Most players met on the Opale forum, the others were but long time friends.

We try to play every Thursday evening from 19h00 to 23h00 (Paris time) and we started on November 2015.

As we really wanted to test the game we decided to start lvl 3 and to gain one lvl per play session.

In english please

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